Placing an order 

When you place an order with The Style Project, we will send you a pro-forma invoice with  the details of your order. Please note that a pro-forma invoice does not hold stock or prices  as The Style Project is bound to the agreements of our suppliers. Once a pro-forma  invoice has been paid and remittance have been emailed to The Style Project is when an  order will be placed. This is not an acceptance of your order. The Style Project reserves  the right to accept or decline any order placed by you as a matter of unexpected concerns  as a consequence of the supplier. 

The Style Project will notify you as promptly as possible regarding the availability of  products you have ordered. If the product is no longer available, the order is automatically  declined and can be used as a Credit Note towards another purchase or we will refund  your money. 

If a product is temporarily out of stock, The Style Project will always attempt to back order  the product on your behalf. Please note production schedules can fluctuate which can  implicate the original estimated time of arrival, all orders for out of stock items are an  approximate lead time. 

Delivery and Risk 

The Style Project will not accept any responsibility for the delivery of your items directly  from a supplier. However if the product is being delivered from our office, we endeavour to  secure that it is in a delicate, safe and timely manner. 

Prices, Additional Fees and Special Offers 

Prices for products and services are always subject to change as they are dependent upon  suppliers and tradespeople. 

The prices displayed in your contract of business with The Style Project may change within  reason if due to a price increase as a consequence of our supplier or difficulty level of the  project. 

Please note that our shipping and delivery charges are always dependent on what the  supplier charges The Style Project. 

Occasionally, The Style Project may offer you a special discount or fee, this is always  subject to change in the event of third party price changes.


Once a pro-forma invoice is sent to you, you have a maximum of three business days to  proceed with the order. Please note that a pro-forma invoice does not hold stock or prices  as The Style Project is bound to the agreements of our suppliers. Once your pro-forma  invoice is paid, please immediately send a receipt/remittance to The Style Project so a  purchase order can be placed on your behalf. If you do not send the remittance, The Style  Project can not be held liable if stock has become unavailable or prices have changed. 

Refunds, Returns and Change of Mind 

The Style Project takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the products we  recommend. Upon receipt of your items if you have any design, material, safety or  construction concerns we will investigate immediately with the supplier to discuss a  resolution. Upon receipt of an item it should be opened to check for any issues that may  have arisen in transit. If there is a breakage we require a photograph detailing the issue to  be sent to us within 48 hours of receipt. This will allow us to arrange an exchange from  the supplier within their required time frame. 

However, The Style Project will not accept returns or refunds for ‘Change of Mind’, a great  deal of deliberation and preparation goes into each piece of your presentation and  concept. We like to ensure this is the product you want prior to purchasing. If in the case  you have not seen the item in person, we will endeavour to provide you with the best  detail, description and fabric/timber samples that relates to your purchase. All samples are  subject to change if it is a natural product and we cannot guarantee an item will be  identical to the sample. 

We can not accept returns on special-orders, personalised or custom made items, or items  damaged through normal wear and tear. 

By purchasing products and/or services from The Style Project you are accepting  and acknowledging all of the above information/terms and conditions at the time of  your order.